The term electrosmog encompasses subjective stress from cellphone towers, nearby radio and TV transmitters and disturbances from other radio-frequency and radar installations. Then there is domestic—"homemade" if you will—electrosmog from cordless phones, Wi-Fi routers and through direct contact with countless devices that emit electromagnetic radiation, starting with electronic clock/radio alarms near the head of the bed and frequent cellphone calls along with carrying a switched- on cellphone right next to the body.

Electrosmog makes many people feel subjectively stressed and nervous, tense and unwell—yet the core problem is that there are countless other sources for these malaises that have nothing to do with electrosmog. So the question is, what kind of a burden electrosmog actually represents. Another one is whether electrosmog is a significant cofactor that intensifies the effects of other harmful influences which should be eliminated first of all. A third question has to do with how to boost powers of resistance in order to better be able to cope with the inevitable: there are obviously numerous sources of electrosmog that one cannot get away from, such as nearby cellphone towers or even one's own cellphone, which one has to use to keep current about business meetings and appointments and to be always on call and available.

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Why Alkalize?

Each system of the body has its own physiological pH value and when the tissue or organ varies too far from that pH range, it becomes susceptible to disease. Humans live in an acidic environment eating poor quality, highly processed foods as well as consuming acidifying prescription medications. They are being exposed to polluted water and air, environmental toxins, and have poor breathing techniques which all add to the acidic burden of the body. Most diseases arise from an acidic milieu. An acidic body is a reactive body, thus by reducing acidity, one can also reduce allergic symptoms, tendency towards inflammation, and reverse the trend toward chronic conditions. An alkalizer will aid in reducing tissue acidosis and will shift the acid-base balance to a normal range, promoting good health and well-being. If an alkalizing diet is embraced and an alkalizer (such as Alkala N) is used to shift the acidic pH during the initial period of therapy, then the pH balance will often normalize within a few months.

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The term "energy cardiology" was first coined by Russek and Schwartz in two 1996 papers where they suggested that the heart can be viewed as a dynamical energy-generating system. The energy aspect of the heart has received only scant attention compared to the heart's mechanical "pumping" function. Yet, the heart also "pumps" patterns of biochemical nutrients, hormones generated inside the heart, and other signaling molecules to every cell in the body. Simultaneously, the heart also generates unique patterns of electrical fields, magnetic fields, electromagnetic energy and subtle informational fields that modulate the body's tissue matrices. This essay will describe the energetic nature of the heart and propose several mechanisms by which it may influence biological function.

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Marco Bischof's widely acclaimed book has already sold some 30'000 German-language copies (9th printing) since its publication in March 1995, and the success is continuing. It is the first comprehensive book on the world market for the general and scientific public on one of the hottest fields of frontier science which is about to lead to major conceptual breakthroughs and many useful applications in biophysics, biomedical science, biology, biotechnology, environmental science and food technology.

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