The term electrosmog encompasses subjective stress from cellphone towers, nearby radio and TV transmitters and disturbances from other radio-frequency and radar installations. Then there is domestic—"homemade" if you will—electrosmog from cordless phones, Wi-Fi routers and through direct contact with countless devices that emit electromagnetic radiation, starting with electronic clock/radio alarms near the head of the bed and frequent cellphone calls along with carrying a switched- on cellphone right next to the body.

Electrosmog makes many people feel subjectively stressed and nervous, tense and unwell—yet the core problem is that there are countless other sources for these malaises that have nothing to do with electrosmog. So the question is, what kind of a burden electrosmog actually represents. Another one is whether electrosmog is a significant cofactor that intensifies the effects of other harmful influences which should be eliminated first of all. A third question has to do with how to boost powers of resistance in order to better be able to cope with the inevitable: there are obviously numerous sources of electrosmog that one cannot get away from, such as nearby cellphone towers or even one's own cellphone, which one has to use to keep current about business meetings and appointments and to be always on call and available.


How to reliably detect electrosmog


As a naturopathically-oriented general practitioner, I have amassed a rich trove of experiences over the years, from patients who have told me first-hand about their electrosmog suspicions, wanting to know what they can do about it. I get crucial diagnostic indications by means of an energetic test procedure in which the test ampoule Phosphorus (at a specific homeopathic potentiation) responds. Because experience has shown that this is the case for only 1–2% of all patients, the low percentage is an indication that electrosmog is very rarely the only problem. This agrees with what experienced dowsers have told me, who routinely investigate buildings and homes. Electrosmog alone seems seldom to be the sole problem in a house examination; almost always, other disturbance factors are found, such as geo-radiation, toxic building materials and the like.

If electrosmog tests out on a patient using the aforementioned test ampoule, then I recommend that an experienced dowser make a house call to measure the internal electrosmog levels with high- and low-frequency measuring devices. Usually, they detect strong nocturnal electrosmog stress influences from loudspeakers (strong magnetic fields) near the head region, walls with electric cables running through them with leakage currents due to fraying insulation, metal bed frames that act as antennas, fuse boxes immediately on the other side of the wall from the head end of the bed in the next room, plus all kinds of electronic devices in the sleeping person's head region, as well as artificial fibers that generate and store static electricity (for example plush animals in children's bedrooms). Then there are electrically charged work tables, strongly radiating lamps near the head (such as the biologically extremely detrimental modern energy-efficient light bulbs). Some very high-frequency pulsed LEDs and the aforementioned energy-efficient bulbs seem to be particularly harmful. Sometimes, the likewise biologically very detrimental electrical currents from nearby light rail installations, as well as nearby cellphone towers, cause some electrosmog problems. Appropriate measures such as changing bed location, electrical grounding, buying different lamps or special shielding techniques can solve most problems and effectively counter the harmful effects of electrosmog.

Disguised electrosmog symptoms

Many people view electrosmog as the cause of their ailments, but the real reason for their problems is elsewhere. In my experience, there are two common health burdens that, although they are indeed aggravated by electrosmog, are not caused by it. They are frequently the actual cause of the health disorders complained about. Since these are stresses that one has either got used to or that have a subconscious origin, a person is not consciously aware of them; that being the case, there is a tendency to erroneously blame electrosmog for the problem. The two health burdens are:

  1. nocturnal geo-radiation and
  2. autonomous dysregulation due to emotional conflicts.

banis dr electrosmog resonance kimchi 1Geo-radiation in the bedroom plays a role in triggering disease in roughly every third to fourth patient. As a rule in this context, the test ampoule Geovita® (Supplementary Test Kit from Rubimed AG) or Polyxan® blue or green (from Ritsert) responds. The selected ampoule is held in the patient's hand or introduced into the patient's energy field. Then, when the patient tests kinesiologically weak, it is an empirical indication of a corresponding stress burden. For these afflicted patients, I recommend a visit from a reliable dowser who does not engage in shielding against geo-radiation. The hypothesis is confirmed in virtually all cases, as the bed is found indeed to be located in a radiation zone. Usually, the geopathically most stressed region agrees with the respective clinical picture and its maximal region—for instance, in the case of lower back pain it takes the form of segmental geopathic stress in the pelvic region. A good dowser can identify this (see Fig. 2)—and of course without previous knowledge of the ailment in question. From impressive results such as this, one can tell that one is dealing with a truly reliable and competent dowser. The only sensible solution is to relocate the bed to a disturbance-free zone, whereupon, after an energy readjustment time of 3-4 weeks, the corresponding test ampoule no longer responds. The actual cause of the health complaint is thereby eliminated in many cases. Plus, moving the bed to a neutral zone gives strong empirical assurance of remaining healthy over the long term.

Experience has shown that a geopathically stressed person has many more problems that are due to geo-radiation than to electrosmog. Anyone with a bed free of geo-radiation after relocation to a neutral zone is then better able to enjoy truly refreshing sleep, and tolerate any electrosmog stress that might be present. It is therefore supremely important to have a geopathically unburdened bed in order to remain long-term healthy and more resilient vis-à-vis many stress factors such as electrosmog.

The other stress source which is often erroneously ascribed to electrosmog is emotional conflicts, which make many people feel tired, irritable, unwell, nervous and tense. They have to cope with numerous complaints such as sleep disorders and muscle tension, which they blame on a presumed electrosmog burden. In such cases, the underlying emotional conflict needs to be identified and then resolved; these can be found in virtually all persons. To do this, I use the method known as Psychosomatic Energetics, an alternative-medicine procedure that I developed in order to ferret out and treat these conflicts by means of specific homeopathic compound agents. After a few months, when the underlying emotional conflicts have been resolved, experience has shown that the majority of the complaints which had erroneously been blamed on electrosmog will go away.

Shielding against electrosmog

Unlike geo-radiation, which cannot be permanently shielded against by any method whatsoever, electrosmog is amenable to shielding. One option is what is known as a master disconnect switch for the bedroom, which (at least at night) ensures that there is no electrical current flow in the bedroom. The best protection is a total metallic sheath, like a hardtop automobile. This principle, the Faraday Cage, is the basis of much shielding technology. In this context, once one understands how effectively cars can shield against electrosmog, this obviously applies to the car's interior as well. So anyone using a cellphone in a car, with no external antenna, forces the phone to boost the transmitted signal strength, which increases its harmful effect. Electrosmog in the home, for instance from a nearby cellphone tower, can be shielded against with window canopies that contain metal threads and thus act as Faraday Cages. Many writers recommend aluminum foil, grounded, on the outer wall nearest the cellphone tower. For cases like this, I recommend to my patients that they hire competent technicians for workmanlike results in the final installation, as well as competent monitoring afterwards.

So-called interference suppressor chips, which are attached to cell phones, do not shield against electromagnetic radiation; testing has shown that cell phones radiate just as much after they have been attached. And yet interference suppressors have a weak subtle-energy effect that can be detected by the right test devices (such as the Reba® test device). The energetic effects on the aura are somewhat muted by suppressor chips (about 10 to 20%)— which does not of course neutralize a cell phone's overall harmfulness, so this ultimately represents at best a partial solution. It is therefore recommended to use your cellphone as little as possible, and when you do, to use speakerphone mode or headphones, and still keep its use to an absolute minimum. By the way, if you use a cordless phone at home, there are now devices that can be put into eco-mode, which turn off completely when not in use.

How harmful is electrosmog really?

Ultimately, when asking how harmful electrosmog should be considered to be, in light of the increasing electrification of the modern world, which brightly lights up big cities at night, makes nearly every location on the planet accessible to cell phones and networks nearly every city, town and village with Internet, television and radio reception, it can be said that, from a naturopathic and medical standpoint, the harm to most people is likely to be indirect. Electrosmog upsets the subtle-energy system, with possible long-term negative metabolic implications. However, we still know very little about this, and what effects may exist are probably very weak.

Most studies investigating the possible harmfulness of electrosmog have turned out negative, but it should be pointed out that, because of the enormous economic implications, industry and government are collaborators on this issue. To say that this is an outright conspiracy seems to me to go too far, yet there is little doubt that a lot that is going on behind the scenes no doubt qualifies as manipulation. For example, it is known that in Brussels, the seat of the European Union, there are two lobbyists for every parliamentarian, who in all likelihood see to it that the permissible upper limits are set insanely high. The same is no doubt true in North America. These irresponsible standards unnecessarily subject a large segment of the population to extremely strong electromagnetic stresses. The limits could, as a precautionary measure, be set much lower—but this would mean, of course, that cellphones would not work in underground garages, only at street level. There is still a lot to do in this area, which ultimately involves a change in public consciousness and attitude, but also in science becoming more critical, and measuring and taking into account subtle effects, and conducting research in a less industry-friendly manner.

Based upon my own investigations with subtle-energy measurement devices, everything seems to indicate that electrosmog disturbance is, above all, dose-dependent and subjective, as well as frequency-dependent. Electrosmog disrupts the subtle-energy system, which leads mainly to subjective suffering. In general, unusually sensitive people and children will be much more adversely affected than (on average tougher) adults. Experienced dowsers have told me that, in cases involving children with behavioral or learning disorders, their entire bedroom turned out to be full of electricity. After cleansing the electrosmog-burdened bed sites, and simple psycho-hygienic measures (such as not watching TV just before going to bed, which is known to be detrimental to sound sleep), many of the elements are often noticeably improved or have disappeared.

Basically, electrosmog seems generally to be more of a secondary health problem. Anyone who leads a healthy life, whose bed is in a neutral location and who restores or maintains psychoenergetic harmony (by means of Psychosomatic Energetics, Autogenic training, Yoga and similar techniques) will not as a rule be much affected by electrosmog, as long as it does not exceed a certain intensity and quality of disturbance. Nonetheless, one should avoid electrosmog as described above as much as possible, since not very much is yet known about possible long-term harmful effects.

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