Below are a few of the topics that will be covered by Our Speakers on the European Biological Medicine Tour:

  1. Paracelsus Cancer Therapies and the Treatment of Modern Chronic Diseases. Darkfield Microscopy, Sanum Therapy and Dried Layer Test.
           - presented by: Thomas Rau, MD

  2. Fetal Precursor (Progenitor) Stem Cell Transplantation, its applications and case studies in Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy in Children, Chronic and Aging diseases in Adults
           - presented by: Michelle Wong, Ph.D

  3. Eco-ultrafiltrates (nano Cell Extracts): Clinical application of organ-specific peptides as effective individualized treatments for chronic aging diseases and aesthetic rejuvenation based on advanced Swiss nano-ultrafiltration technology
           - presented by: Mikhail Teppone, MD

  4. Introduction to Anthroposophical Medicine.
           - presented by: Victor von Toenges, MD

  5. Biological Dental Therapies and Ceramic Implants.
           - presented by: Gunnar Reifert, DDS

  6. Latest development in Photon Therapy and Light Noise Detection.
           - presented by: Mr. Dieter Jossner

  7. PSE as the successor of Vegatest; (main topic: Emotional Conflicts,
    Geopathic Stress and E-smog)

           - presented by: Reimar Banis, MD

  8. Autonomic Regulative Diagnostic & Therapy in the Heart Rate Variability Analysis and the Paracelsus HeartSound Therapy"
           - presented by: Michael Falkner

  9. Accessing the Autonomic Nervous System via Luscher Color Test and Palm Therapy
           - presented by: Christian Jager, ND

  10. New Myo-Peptides for Muscle Building and Weight Loss
           - presented by: Vasilis A. Paspaliaris, ND, MD, PhD

Special Note:

The AlfaSight 9000: Dynamic Infrared Regulation Thermometry First Launch at Paracelsus, Baden Baden

Grounded in the science of Regulation Thermography, the AlfaSight 9000™ provides a visible measurement of the Autonomic Nervous System, often the key to knowledge regarding the mechanisms involved in the development of diseases.

The AlfaSight system works by measuring a stress-response by infrared sensing and provides a comprehensive analysis of the disturbed terrains that create or sustain disease environments.

After 16 years in the field of functional medicine and physiology, Dr. Dan Beilin has formed an alliance with leaders such as Thomas Rau, M.D. and, with the help of his CEO Curt Davis, developed a team of engineers, programmers and teaching assistants to support practitioners and their staff. We welcome Dr. Beilin to our tour!