Paracelsus-Baden-Baden Medical Week 2012 – Tour for English speaking Practitioners
Saturday, October 27th - Monday, November 5th, 2012

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Day 1: Sat Oct 27th

Tour Participants meet at Hotel Metropol, St. Gallen. Our Welcome Dinner starts at 18:00hrs. Dr. Thomas Rau, his wife Elizabeth Rau, Kimchi Moyer and her German assistant, Gabi Filler, will be there to personally meet and greet each of you. Meet and mingle with fellow practitioners from around the world.

Day 2 & 3: Sun Oct 28th, Mon Oct 29th

Today we will tour the world famous Paracelsus Clinic, with Dr. Rau as our personal guide. This two-day intensive training includes lectures on exciting new approaches including stem cells and fresh cell extracts, live cells, the ion-inducing therapy, Dr. Rau's latest approaches in cancer therapies, intra-tumoral injection methods, local hyperthermia, essential amino-acid infusions and DCA therapies, dental therapies and introduction to new thermal regulation device.

There will be ample time for sight seeing, shopping in the historical town of St. Gallen. St. Gallen is famous for the world's oldest library.

Day 4: Tue Oct 30th

Today we travel to Strasbourg, France. Along the way, we will visit the Goetheanum in Basel, Switzerland. Goetheanum is the School of Spiritual Science and the world center for the Rudolph Steiner anthroposophical movement. Upon arrival in Strasbourg, we will dine in La Petite France, a beautiful historic medieval town. We will stay overnight in Strasbourg at Strasbourg-Ibis Hotel, France.

Day 5: Wed Oct 31st

This morning we make our way to the famous city of Baden-Baden, Germany. Along the way we will dine in the Black Forest. After checking into the Hotel Steigenberger Europaischer Hof in Baden-Baden, we will head to Caracalla Therme, world renowned bath house for an afternoon of rest and relaxation. Tonight dinner will be in our beautiful hotel where we will spend the next five nights.

Day 6: Thu Nov 1st

Medicine Week begins today with a Full day seminar of Sanum Therapy in English. The Sanum theme this year is "Prophylaxis and Treatment of Lifestyle Diseases". Our scheduled speakers are Dr. Gudrun Mekle, Dr. Frank Pleus, Dr. Thomas Rau and Kimchi Moyer, L.Ac. You will be on your own for lunch, and dinner will be at our hotel.

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Download the Invitation to the SANUM Seminar (PDF)

Day 7: Fri Nov 2nd

This morning there will be an exclusive lecture in our hotel for tour participants. The topics will include "Fetal Precursor (Progenitor) Stem Cell Transplantation, its Applications and Case Studies in Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy in Children, Chronic and Aging diseases in Adults" by Dr. Michelle Wong of LABDOM labs., "PSE as the successor of Vegatest: Emotional Conflicts,Geopathic and Electro Smog" by Dr. Reimar Banis of Rubimed, "Accessing the Autonomic Nervous System via Luscher Color Test and Palm Therapy" by Dr. Christian Jager. Dr. Dan Beilin with his CEO Curtis Davis will present for the first time in Baden-Baden "The AlfaSight 9000: Dynamic Infrared Regulation Thermometry". The AlfaSight system works by measuring a stress-response by infrared sensing and provides a comprehensive analysis of the disturbed terrains that create or sustain disease environments. Dr. Mikhail Teppone will speak on "Eco-Ultrafiltrates: Clinical Application of Organ-Specific Peptides as Effective Individualized Treatments for Chronic Aging Diseases and Aesthetic Rejuvenation based on advanced Swiss Nano-Ultrafiltration Technology". Mr. Michael Falkner will speak on the "Autonomic Regulative Diagnostic & Therapy in the Heart Rate Variability Analysis and the Paracelsus HeartSound Therapy”.

A networking lunch will be served right after the seminar for all tour participants. This afternoon we are free to browse around CongressHaus, listening to lectures, meeting with vendors, distributors and presenters from around the world, who will be participating in Medicine Week.

This evening, we are on our own for dinner.

Day 8: Sat Nov 3rd

This morning we will continue our visit to Medicine Week in the CongressHaus. We will be on our own to explore the many lectures, devices, remedies and therapies. Lunch will be on our own.

After lunch, we will meet our bus for a private tour of a "gold-medal" winning biological vineyard in a historical castle, near Baden-Baden. The Schloss Eberstein Castle was built in 1272 and famous for their gold-medal "Riesling" biological vineyard. Our private tour of the winery will be guided by the castle owner himself, Mr. Overlack.

We will dine in the castle before returning to our hotel in the evening.  For those of us who feel lucky, and if time allows, we may make our way to the famous Casino in Baden-Baden.

Day 9: Sun Nov 4th

We will attend two seminars today at the CongressHaus. In the morning, Dr. Rau will present a seminar on "Darkfield Microscopy, Sanum Therapy and Dried Layer Test".

In the afternoon, Dr. Reimar Banis will present a seminar on "Diagnosis and Treatment of Emotional Conflicts (Psychosomatic Energetics)". We are on our own for lunch today. This evening will bring us together for a special banquet at our hotel which will include the presentation of certificates of participation.

Day 10: Mon Nov 5th

This morning we check out of the hotel and head to Frankfurt. Along the way, there will be a special treat. We will have the opportunity for a private tour of the Laboratory of Mr. Dieter Jossner, President of Medical Electronics, bio-physicist, inventor of sophisticated laser and photons light therapy devices. Following the tour, we will have lunch in the nearby town of Rheinau. We will then continue our way to our hotel in Frankfurt, nearby the Airport. We will be on our own for dinner tonight. Our tour officially ends this evening.

Day 11: Tue Nov 6th

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Download the Tour Itinerary (PDF)