The European Biological Medical Tour will feature lectures by the following leading speakers in their field:

rau thomas md Thomas Rau, MD:
Dr. Rau is the Medical Director of the Paracelsus Clinic, Center for Biological Medicine and Dentistry in Lustmühle, Switzerland, Founder and President of the Swiss Homotoxicological and Regulative Therapy Society, a Board Member of the International Society of Milieu Therapy, Isopathy and Enderlein Medicine and also Co-Founder of the Biological Medicine Network in North America. As an international lecturer he teaches naturopathic healing methods, dietary, neural and SANUM isopathic therapies and is widely published.
mikhail md

Dr. Mikhail Teppone, MD:
A neurologist with over 20 years of medical experience gained primarily in Russia and Canada, Dr. Mikkhail Teppone is a leading global expert on the pioneering integration of electromagnetic-based treatment modalities with cellular therapy. Dr. Mikhail is also well-versed in Chinese Medicine and its practical application in addressing chronic diseases.



mikhail md

Vasilis A. Paspaliaris, ND, MD, PhD:
Commonly known as Dr. Bill, he has 20-years of dedicated research experience in partnership with esteemed academic institutions, multinational companies and governmental bodies around the world; a thought-leading and highly experienced clinical pharmacologist and medical scientist having received medical and scientific training in drug discovery, clinical pharmacology, military trauma medicine, clinical trial investigation, natural medicine, Chinese medicine and regenerative medicine. He has championed the discovery and development of seven patented peptide and stem cell extraction, activation and treatment methodologies.

von toenges victor md

Victor von Toenges, MD:
Dr. Von Toenges is an anthroposophic physician and is one of the leading doctor at Paracelsus Klinik, Switzerland. Dr. von Toenges will speak about Anthroposophical Medicine and will introduce the spiritual model as an integration part of healing.




reifert gunnar

Gunnar Reifert, DDS:
A biological dentist, Dr. Reifert will speak about Ceramic Implants and various Biological Dental Therapies practiced at Paracelsus Klinik.




mekle gudrun md Gudrun Mekle, M.D., M.A., M.B.A.:
Dr. Mekle is head of SANUM-Kehlbeck's Medicine and Science Department in Hoya, Germany. Aside from obtaining Masters Degrees in Sinology, German Linguistics and Business and Administration Hospital Management, she studied TCM, homeopathy and SANUM Therapy. She worked as Assistant Doctor in Internal Medicine in neuro- surgical and early-rehabilitation departments, and as Senior Physician at a specialist clinic in Germany. Dr. Mekle is also a licensed Emergency Doctor.
jossner dieter photon Mr. Dieter Jossner:
Bio-Physicist, Inventor, President of Medical Electronics, Germany. Mr. Jossner developed many treatment devices using energy such as photon, laser, magnetic field as the base for therapy. Among his top medical inventions are The HyperPhoton3D, the AQA 707, the ZMR according to Dr. Bodo Koehlher, the PSE according to Dr. Reimar Banis. His latest invention is the Light Noise Detector.
falkner michael paracelsus

Michael Falkner:
Developer of the first worldwide Paracelsus HeartSounds therapy, Mr. Falkner uses the device to show the tone of the Autonomic Nervous System in real time measurement. The measurement is transposed to a music, which lets us make a bio-feedback therapy for the Autonomic Nervous System.



banis reimar md

Reimar Banis, MD:
General practitioner specialized in naturopathic medicine, Switzerland and Germany. Dr. Banis teaches worldwide the method he developed called Psychosomatic Energetics (PSE). He is also the inventor of the REBA Test device as well as the PSE line of remedies. He has also authored few books written on the subject of psychosomatic energetics and geopathic stress.


jager christian nd

Christian Jager, ND:
Specializing in Psychophysiological Regulation Therapy (PPRT) at Paracelsus Klinik. As one of Max Luscher oldest student, Dr. Jager will introduce the Luscher Color Test and explain how we can use it to access the Autonomic Nervous System.



michelle wong Dr. Michelle Wong, Ph.D, B.Sc:
Co-founder of Lab Dom (Suisse) Inc., a world-leading regenerative medicine and cellular therapy company. Convinced that the holistic integration of innovative medicine and conventional approaches was the better way to accelerate change in the newly emerging field of regenerative medicine, Michelle has been actively involved in the research and development work on stem cells, leading her to the successful creation of her innovative precursor stem cell medical company Fetal Cell Technologies International (FCTI). In February 2012, Michelle was conferred the prestigious Top Women Entrepreneur of the Year award by Global Business Magazine, recognizing her dedication and outstanding leadership in Lab Dom.
mike chan

Dr. Mike Chan, Ph.D:
Co-founder of Lab Dom (Suisse) Inc. He partnerships with several Swiss and German experts; beginning the business of developing, manufacturing and distributing cellular therapy products. Under the tutelage of some of the world's most renowned cellular therapists, he synthesized innovative medicine and conventional approaches with proprietary cellular isolation and extraction technology.

Mike was conferred the 'Asia Pacifc Top CEO of the Year' award for the health and beauty industry by Global Business Magazine and has recognition from industry experts for the company's diverse product portfolio. Awards include:: Nutraceutical Business & Technology Award 2012 - 'Most Effective Marketing Campaign', 2011 Geneva Inventions Gold Medals - 'Innovation in Anti-Aging Formulation Technologies', and 'Innovation in Bio-Regenerative Medicine'.

beilin dabiel omd Dr. Daniel Beilin, O.M.D., L.Ac.:
Dr. Beilin is the Founder & Chief Medical Officer at Alfa Thermodiagnostics, and has been teaching and practicing regulation thermography for over 15 years. Dr. Beilin led the effort to bring 1st generation regulation thermography technology through 510k clearance with the US FDA. He also presented the technology before the US Congress - Committee on Government Reform as it applies to detection of early breast tumors. Dr. Beilin holds a degree in neurophysiology from U.C. Davis, and is a doctor of Oriental Medicine and herbal pharmacology. He is known and regarded as one of the world's foremost authorities on thermography and complementary medicine.
kimchi moyer Lac Kimchi Moyer, L.Ac.:
Kimchi Moyer is a Licensed Acupuncturist and is also trained on various alternative treatment methods such as MORA Therapy, VEGATest Method, Oxygen Therapy, Pleomorphism and SANUM Therapy, Darkfield Microscopy and more. She also works as a nutritional consultant and founded her own Asian fusion restaurant. Kimchi Moyer maintains a private practice in Santa Rosa, California and has been lecturing on SANUM Therapy at different colleges of Natural Medicine.
Additional speakers and courses to be announced.