Living in Resonance was created by Kimchi Moyer as a response to the every growing need for practitioners of biological medicine to
maintain an integrated tie to one another.

Through events such as the upcoming European Biological Medicine Tour - that will be held in Baden-Baden, Germany and St. Gallen, Switzerland - Living in Resonance seeks to create new lines of communication and collaboration that assist  health professionals in treating their patients, as well as staying abreast of rapidly changing developments in the expanding field of natural healing and biological medicine.  The Mission of Living in Resonance is a consistent "Contribution Through Compassion," which can be achieved through the formation of mindful practices and alliances.

Please Join Us This Year in Germany and Switzerland at the European Biological Medicine Tour.  We have a stellar group of Speakers who will give lectures on prescient Topics.  You will be able to meet with fellow practitioners from around the world; sharing meals with stimulating discussions.  You will also be in two of the most beautiful cities on earth, where we encourage you to explore and partake in outside activites.